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The body keeps memories and emotions. In dancing you can be free! 

Take Care

Let's take care of each other, take care of the community  ...  dancing


29th of May

Recreios Desportivos da Trafaria

Through free dance you are invited to visit different parts of yourself and dance with your essence, releasing old energies that can give way to the New. In a safe and non-judgmental space, you travel in a wave of rhythm to your high point, taking you to a feeling of trance or ecstasy, without the consumption of alcohol or other additives. On this journey, we are raising our energy through movements and surrender to the rhythm.


It's a magical and transformative journey!


15:00  Opening doors

15:30  Songs and Mantras *Maria Antónia Martins*


16:15 Snacks *Varinha Mágica*


16:30 Warm Up *Elmo Camilo*

17:00  Ecstatic Dance *Special Wave Manoh* 


18:45 Hot Meal Menu + Snacks *Varinha Mágica*

19:15 Soundhealing *Ana Guerreiro*

20:30-21:00  Circle + Tea + Final

Moment to care your body and soul!


LIMITED PARTICIPATIONS: We have a limit of participants! If you want to come, register as soon as possible! 

MEALS/SNACKS: We will have several healthy and energetic snacks available, which you can purchase during the Event, in cash or by MbWay.

There will also be a hot meal: to guarantee your Meal Menu, we advise you to make an advance reservation until Friday, May 28th, to (+351) 916 225 922 or to

All our food is:

🌱 100% Vegetarian

🌱 Organic ingredients

🌱 Sugar free

    OFFER for those coming for the 1st time

For those who come for the 1st time to Ecstatic Dance Almada, the conscious contribution amount starts from 15€





I am a woman passionate about music and dance. Dancing has been part of me since I was 3 years old and it was where I found the anchors of life and I feel free in the entirety of my Being. I traveled through various branches of dance and in recent years at Ecstatic Dance I found the space to listen to my body, free and create new spaces within myself. After doing and facilitating several works in the context of expanding consciousness and personal development, the call arises to organize these moments for all people who wish to dance, in a free, meditative dance, in a dance where there is no performance but the Inner Encounter. , where We Are All One, and together we can contribute to our expansion of the Being and elevation of the planetary vibration.

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-05 at 15.06.44.jpeg



Music has always accompanied me, since early childhood when I heard songs that came out of an old transistor that my mother had. There were already moments of great pleasure that I took with me throughout my life, always discovering that magic happening when a certain song sounded that resonated with me. Later my path went towards what my curiosity was telling me, and so I discovered the other magic, the magic of dance. I opened myself to the body lived through Biodanza almost 20 years ago, making choices, I decided and graduated, today I have been a teacher for about 14 years. Many dances came and many I tried, because curiosity lives in me to understand a little more who we are and what we still need to achieve in our potential as Human Beings. Dance is a privileged way to access them. For the way is made by dancing!




My name is Ana, and I am made up of opposites and paradoxes, which intertwine and dissolve with movement and breath, this makes the Woman that I am. Passionate and creative, I love to dance, live and smile. I have more than 10 years workin in human development, applying tools such as meditation, sound healing, creative expression, systemic constellations, among others. Music and dance are a big part of most of the experiences I facilitate, and are present in my life for as long as I can remember. We keep memories in our body, we live in the body, we express ourselves through the body, and through dancing we liberate, feel and connect with who we truely are, without labels, without roles to play. Dance is freedom! I started dancing when I was six, and hope to dance forever, because that is my happy place.




Musician, facilitator and co-creator of festivals and events of conscious celebration, he brings in his electro-organic sets, the culture and spirituality present in Brazil and in the world. He is a member of EDBr - Ecstatic Dance Brasil, co-creator of the festival "O Corpo é uma festa!" Silent Disco in the REVERBERA project. He also has extensive experience in facilitating projects, groups and collectives in different contexts. ​


More info at:

Varinha Mágica

By Sofia Costa Martins e Alexandre Graça

RESERVATIONS WITH Sofia: Whatsapp: +351 916225922


We are Sofia and Alex, a couple who, seven years ago, left their full-time jobs to became cooks.

We bought a campervan, and with our one and a half years old daughter we left Carcavelos full of dreams, towards the Algarve.

For eight months, the three of us lived in the motorhome. We met inspiring people and places, we had different experiences cooking for retreats and we returned to Carcavelos as cooks!

Since then, we deliver weekly menus at home (100% vegetarian, organic and sugar-free), we cook for retreats and events, we do catering and we give cooking classes at people´s homes.

Cooking allow us to freely explore our creativity. 
Allow us to be in the present moment - often in a meditative act.
It allows us to be more connected to Mother Nature.

It gives us a slower life and the opportunity to meet new people and places.
And... give our daughter a free education.



(Includes Plate + Dessert + Tea )

- Couscous with sauteed vegetables
- Colorful salad with toasted seeds and sauce
- Chickpea oniony with curry and lemon sauce OR Scrambled tofu with carrots and almonds


- 2 Energy Balls of your choice OR a Slice of cake


- Hot tea or Aromatic water

* Because we care about the environmental footprint, please bring your plate, cutlery and glass. Thank you

*We ask that you book the meal at the event registration with Sofia SMS or Whatsapp: 

+351 916 225 922

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